The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.
"What advice do you have for girls who are told they run like a girl, hit like a girl, swim like a girl?"

Beth from Little Women.


Audrey Hepburn in Paris When It Sizzles (1964).


Scarlett Johansson in Lost In Translation, dir. by Sofia Coppola (2003)


Seeing Double?

Character Designs from The Rescuers by Milt Kahl


Disney Villains Week Day Two: Favorite Villain Song
↳ Mother Knows Best (Reprise)

No? Oh, I see how it is. Rapunzel knows best! Rapunzel’s so mature now! Such a clever grown up miss. Rapunzel knows best— fine! If you’re so sure now, go ahead and give him this!

“Gray stones for Abnegation, water for Erudite, earth for Amity, lit coals for Dauntless, and glass for Candor.” … “I shift my hand forward, and my blood sizzles on the coals. I am selfish. I am brave.”  x